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Achem Technology Corporation
Code of Corporate Social Responsibility
Date:March 30 , 2016
Article 1
In upholding its principle of giving back to society, Achem Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) considers corporate social responsibility as part of its corporate core principles. In order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and promote the progress of the economy, society and environment to achieve the goal of sustained development, the Company has referred to the “Code of Corporate Social Responsibility for
TWSE/GTSM-Listed Companies” to draw up its “Code of Corporate Social Responsibility for the Company”(hereinafter referred to as the “CSR Code”) to be the policy for the Company’s corporate social responsibility to manage its risks and influence on the economy, environment and society.
The Company's subsidiaries should, based on the spirit and principle of the Code and in accordance with its industry characteristics or local regulations, establish their own CSR Code.

Article 2
The fulfillment of the Company’s CSR should be based on the following principles:
1. Implementation of corporate governance;and
2. Development of a continuing business environment;and
3. Upholding social welfare; and
4. Strengthening the disclosure of corporate social responsibility.

Article 3
Founding integrity, all employees are required to comply with the Company "Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice principles for TWSE/GTSM-Listed Companies ", establish pragmatic method to get ahead in business, put an end to the corruption of bribery behavior in order to improve corporate governance.

Article 4
The board of directors of the Company shall exercise the care of bona fide managers to urge
enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility and from time to time review the effectiveness
and continuous improvement to ensure the implementation of the corporate social responsibility policy.

Article 5
The Company's implementation of corporate governance, sound system and shall, based on the respect for the interests of interested parties, the Company should identify its interested parties and set up on the Company website a specific area for interested parties.Through appropriate communication, the Company shall understand the reasonable expectations and needs of interested parties and properly respond to important corporate social responsibility issues that concern them.

Article 6
To properly protect the natural environment, the Company shall follow environment laws
and regulations and related international standards and make them the objective when
performing business activities and energy saving measures to reduce the impact the company's operations on the environment.

Article 7
The company concerned about the impact of climate change caused by the activities of business operations, which adjust the carbon reduction strategies .Such strategies should minimize the impact of their business operations on the climate and environment change.

Article 8
The Company, through the principle of credit and responsible investment policies, whether credit customers and investment targets fulfill environmental protection, business integrity and social responsibility into account, in order to promote environmentally sustainable development.

Article 9
The Company comply with domestic labor laws and regulations, the relevant set of standards, as well as complaints, communication mechanisms, in order to safeguard the interests of employees. The company shall provide an effective and appropriate grievance mechanism with respect to matters adversely impacting the rights and interests of the labor force, in order to ensure equality and transparency of the grievance process. Channels
through which a grievance may be raised shall be clear, convenient, and unobstructed. The Company shall respond to any employee's grievance in an appropriate manner.

Article 10
The Company shall provide employees with a safe and healthy work environment, including
providing equipment necessary for health and first aid, reducing factors that could adversely
affect employee safety and health to guard against occupational hazard, and holding regular
employee safety and health education and training sessions and to prevent occupational accidents.

Article 11
The Companies are advised to create an environment conducive to the development of their employees' careers and establish effective training programs to foster career skills.

Article 12
The Company shall establish communication and dialog channels to give employees the
opportunity to have the right to receive information and express their views regarding
operations, management, decision-making, and planning. Employees and business supervisor shall gather consensus for CSR.

Article 13
The Companies shall ensure the quality of their products and services or business by following the laws and regulations of the government and relevant standards of their industries and shall conduct appropriate assessment method, in order to protect the interests of customers.

Article 14
The Companies are advised to provide a clear and effective procedure for accepting consumer complaints to fairly and timely handle consumer complaints for the interests of customers.

Article 15
The Company shall use the power of business to operate in, planning and development of corporate social responsibility related businesses, products, and public service projects.

Article 16
The Company shall integrate resources, continuous support socially vulnerable, and go into the artistic life.

Article 17
The Company uphold the right to expose the principle of fair and informative, disclose company information to the interested parties, implementation of the objectives of the management of information relating to their corporate social responsibility initiatives to improve information transparency.

Article 18
The company regularly disclose CSR information annually.

Article 19
The Company shall at all times pay attention to the development in business environments in CSR related to monitor the development of domestic and foreign corporate social responsibility standards and the change of business environment so as to examine and improving the Company’s corporate social responsibility and enhancing the efficacy of its implementation.

Article 20
This CSR Code and any amendments to it shall become effective upon being approved by the board of directors.


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Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
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